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What you can notice on our website – it’s the final product of our daily work. It's just the tip of an iceberg...


...Floating icebergs have a significant proportion of their mass below the surface of the water. We try to never to stop on our way to success, that’s why our Instyle.gift boat floats with high speed and sometimes it drifts into shallower and deep waters. Like a blue whale gulps enormous amount of water, closes its mouth, then pushes the sea water back out through its baleen; the krill is retained on the plates and then the whale swallows to consume forty million of krill per day to get enough energy to survive. We monitor all new items, proposed at decor and design world market, to select the best of the best, filtered by high quality, extraordinary and practice characteristics, price, bestsellers and trends range to be presented for your choice.

We try to save your time with maximum added value for you, and carefully taking care of our reputation, thus you are able to choose among huge variety of high quality design goods. We don’t want to waste your time for looking for gifts and necessary items for each part of our house in the ocean of proposals, that’s why we did this job for you. Finally, take your time and enjoy your trip to the dream world of beautiful and stylish things. We try to surprise you with new trends. Your good mood – it’s the best indicator of the results of our efforts!

Instyle.gift team – are elves, who anticipates your dreams!


To all of you, from all of us at Instyle.gift - Thank you for your choice!


Instyle.gift team